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New Building Tour 14 July

July 21st, 2017 by Laura Wood

On the 14 July over 150 people were given a tour of the new building in Lansdowne Road. The tours were led by the Iain Lockhart, Ian Johnston and Keith McKay and provided the opportunity to view the latest progress with definition of all the major rooms now clearly visible. Of particular interest was the clear potential of… Read more

Site Tours – 14th July

June 30th, 2017 by Lansdowne Church

NOW FULLY BOOKED On the 14th July there will be the opportunity to view the latest status of the New Building in Lansdowne Road. It is intended that the viewing will comprise of  tours lasting approximately 20 minutes and will commence at 5:30pm with the last tour starting around 7:30pm. We would encourage all those interested in the new building to… Read more

Update on Regeneration Project 3

April 7th, 2017 by Lansdowne Church

7th April 2017   Progress is being maintained on the building and the brick and masonry work is now almost 90% complete. The roof terrace is now talking shape and the wall, with windows, to the office area is now almost complete;             In addition, the roof over the offices… Read more

Latest Regeneration time-lapse camera video

February 9th, 2017 by Lansdowne Church

Here is the Latest regeneration time-lapse camera video: As you can tell there has been signifacant progress on site, to read about want has happened on site please see our last Regenration blog post here: http://lansdownechurch.uk/update-on-regeneration-project-2/

Update on Regeneration Project

January 20th, 2017 by Lansdowne Church

Update on Regeneration Project 19th January 2017. It has been almost two months since the last update and despite Christmas intervening there have been further developments on the new building. The external brickwork has significantly progressed including the fitting of the reconstituted stone window surround which had just been delivered in the previous update in… Read more

Update on Regeneration Project

November 25th, 2016 by Lansdowne Church

Following the ceremonial stone service in September there has been significant work on the new building. A new bricklaying team have been engaged and work is now in progress on the external and internal walls. The auditorium is now taking shape with the back wall coming into place along with the roof paneling supports (see… Read more

Stone Unveiling Service

September 30th, 2016 by Admin

‘In Lansdowne for Good!’ If you’ve been in the Lansdowne area recently you will not have been able to miss the huge steel structure going up in the place of the old Baptist Church building which stood on the spot on Lansdowne Road for almost 140 years. Recently several hundred people, part of the Lansdowne… Read more

Construction update – the structure goes up

June 28th, 2016 by Tom Davenport

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of action at the Lansdowne Road construction site. With the steel frame up, concrete floors in place and stair cases going in, passers by are starting to get an idea of what the new building in the heart of the town will look like. We… Read more

Regeneration Update

May 27th, 2016 by Lansdowne Church

Regeneration Update Over the past week much progress has been made with the Lansdowne Church Regeneration Project. The steel frame is now at the required stage to make further progress with the build. This has enabled the concrete floors to be delivered and then installed, the largest weighing around 5.6 tons! The pictures below represent the progress through the week. Steel… Read more

Regeneration Update – December 2015

December 22nd, 2015 by David Heys

The Regeneration Project has reached a critical stage. The Church left its old home in July 2015 as planned and embarked on its new life in several locations. The familiar building that served the church for over 139 years has been demolished and the site has been cleared safely, for which we give thanks to… Read more

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