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Church on the Beach

June 9th, 2017 by Tom Davenport

Making the most of the local scenery God has given us, we’ll be donning our flip flops, packing the sun cream and taking Lansdowne Church down to the beach again this summer.

On the third Sunday evening of each summer month we’ll be down on the beach, starting at 5.30pm each evening. These events are great for the whole church family and are brilliant for inviting friends.

At our first one on Sunday 18th June we’ll have all kinds of fun games for the family and the chance to bury any Dads in attendance in the sand – this isn’t normal practise don’t worry, it’ll be Father’s Day!

We’ll provide the hot drinks, but why not bring a picnic or BBQ to eat together afterwards?

Please note that if weather is questionable or does not seem suitable please check your email, Lansdowne Facebook Page or Lansdowne Twitter account for the wet weather plans.

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