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Foundations of Faith

May 30th, 2017 by Peter Baker

Foundations, we all need them. Life doesn’t work otherwise. Build a relationship, a business or a house without solid foundations and you are in trouble!
Homes, companies and marriages need to be able to withstand storms and shocks. It’s why Jesus said that a life built without his truth would be like the new church at Lansdowne Central constructed on sand.

So as the evening series of the Sermon on the Mount closes with the warning “don’t be a foolish builder”, We begin a new morning series on The Foundations of the Faith.

In 2011, I visited and preached at Sarang Church in the Gangnam district of Seoul. Yes, made famous by the song and dance style and more recently by Ed Balls on Strictly (!). This 80,0000 strong church was in the middle of a building project which makes ours seem like a Beach Hut in comparison. It was going to cost then about US $100 million. I saw the plans for this incredible Church, one of whose main entrances was to be a stop on the Seoul Metrosunderground line. A sky scraper in height, it was to stand alongside the towers of multinationals corporations like Samsung.

I was taken to the site by the Missions Pastor and there wasn’t much to see. All the work had been going on he told me for months but beneath the surface.
Then he observed “If you want to go high then you must go deep” !

He’s right. And if we want to build a Christian life with impact and height, then we need depth. We need to dig deep and establish strong foundations of belief and understanding which will enable us to grow secure and strong.

That’s what our new series aims to do. To explore some of the big truths about God which will enable us to believe and live with confidence. A confidence that, come what may, we will be built to last.

If you want a book to accompany the series, Jim Packer’s classic, “Knowing God”, is hard to beat. So get a copy. Available both at Woodbury Avenue and  Keith Jones Christian bookshop!

Peter Baker
Senior Minister

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