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Thank you for your interest in giving financially to the work of God at Lansdowne Church.

At Lansdowne, we want to reach out to our local community and worldwide with the good news of forgiveness through Jesus. Your giving helps us achieve this.

You can do this:

  • By setting up a standing order with your bank – this reduces our costs. If you would like details on how to set this up, please contact the church office.
  • Through your employer’s payroll giving scheme (this only applies if your employer runs such a scheme – your Human Resources department can provide details on this).
  • By using any of the methods described below
    • If you pay UK tax and would like us to be able to claim back the basic rate tax, you will need to fill in, sign and return to us an ongoing Gift Aid declaration if you have not done so already.
      • We can recover an additional 25p for every pound given.
      • If you pay income tax at a higher rate, you can also personally reclaim the difference between the rate you pay and the basic 20% rate

      For more information you should speak to your accountant or look at the HMRC website.

    • Did you know you can scrap your old car and donate the profits to Lansdowne?
      • Free and fast collection
      • Nationwide coverage
      • Any car collected

      We use giveacar.co.uk, a non-profit enterprise that organises the donation of unwanted cars for charity. Every vehicle is either recycled to high environmental standards or sold at auction.

    • You can give by recycling waste such as:
      • Tassimo coffee pods
      • Old mobile phones
      • Kenco instant coffee eco refill bags
      • Activa yoghurt pots

      and others by registering with terracycle.co.uk.

      Terracycle supply the free postage labels – all you need to do is reuse a suitable box to send in your waste for recycling points.

      Once your points have accumulated you simply convert them directly into a donation for Lansdowne.

    • A regular collection is taken at all Sunday morning services.
    • If you would like to send us a cheque, please send it to the church office and make it payable to Lansdowne Baptist Church.
    • You may also like to consider making a donation to Lansdowne Baptist Church in your will. Please ask your solicitor when you make or change your will, or ask us for more information

If you don’t feel able to give financially, there are plenty of other ways you can Get Involved.


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