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Through sending people to other countries in need we can practically support them in giving our time, resources, love, prayers and money.

Please keep praying for the people in the church who are away on missions, reaching people who have never heard about Jesus.

Lansdowne’s Mission Personnel:

Dennis and Sheila Eaton

Working with the church in Malawi.

David, Olivia & family

Serving in an Asian country. David has a ministry to minority ethnic groups while Olivia develops a Christian school for primary education, with their sons, Stephen and Ashley

Gordon Showell-Rogers

Gordon is in leadership with the World Evangelical Alliance, strengthening evangelicals globally, regionally and nationally in united witness. Jane serves as a Trustee of both Wycliffe Bible Translators and Interserve UK.

Michael Ots

Preparing, training and leading university missions across the UK and mainland Europe.

Gareth Leaney

Team Leader of Friends International Dorset.

Sue Burt

Serving in International student work in the UK with Friends International, with particular focus on returnees.

Rosa Blandford

Freelance speaker on behalf of Eurovision Mission to Europe and Israel.

Emily Muwowo

Staff Worker with UCCF, equipping students in CUs in Winchester and Bournemouth Universities.

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