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The Story So Far

The Regeneration Project continues to gather momentum. Members of the Lansdowne Group, which is managing the project, have been working with architects, engineers and planning authorities to refine the design of the building and to assemble all the documents required for a formal planning application to be submitted very soon.

The church is on course to leave its present building sometime in early 2015. The exact date has yet to be fixed.

So what will happen to us during the 18 months when we become ‘Lansdowne Without Walls’?

Our Church Manager, Dave Smith, is leading the ‘LWW’ Team. It is responsible for putting in place all the arrangements for that period – a complex operation that includes all the Sunday arrangements as well as all the activities that currently operate in the building throughout each week.

Three other groups are also hard at work:

One is leading the church through the process of it becoming a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). This change to our legal status and structure will give protection to the church and its Managing Trustees during the £3million rebuilding programme, and then for years to come.

The second group is drawing up a plan to best utilise the facilities that will enable the church leaders to consider how best to use the building for the advance of Christ’s Kingdom.

The third is the Finance Group. This group is managing the funding for the new building, monitoring income pledged to the project, making applications to Trust Funds for additional finance and putting in place all the necessary arrangements to ensure that funds are available during each stage of the rebuilding work.

Join us at this exciting time at Lansdowne! Do you have time and skills to contribute to the project? Why not contact the church us. we need all hands on deck! Or click here for the latest Regeneration blog post

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