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Planet Shakers may have come and gone, but never fear, we’re always here!

March 28th, 2017 by Tom Davenport

We love having kids as part of the church family, as you will have seen from our recent holiday club – Planet Shakers! We’ve seen people coming to Hi5, Young Church and Church since then and we think that’s amazing!

The bible is really clear that kids and family life are important, and we as a church are totally committed to doing all we can to help parents and kids understand who Jesus is and how he helps them to do life and grow together.

We have loads going on at the church and we would love you to be part of it. For some of you this might mean bringing your kids along, for others that might mean praying for the leaders and for others it might mean joining a team.

You can find out more about our weekly activities by following one of these links below:


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Help Required

Many of the teams are in need of the right people to join them. If you are interested in this please have a look at the info below. These roles all involve going through Lansdowne Church’s Safeguarding procedures. For many of these roles there is a genuine requirement that the volunteer is a Christian. No previous experience is required, but a heart to love, serve and support is!

If you would like to get involved please contact the office mentioning the group you are interested in.


What: helping set up the area before a Sunday morning service. Registering and welcoming children. Looking after the children during the service, facilitating play and engaging the children with a bible story.

When: Sunday Mornings, 9.15am and/or 11:15am services

Where: Woodbury Avenue

Jelly Tots Woodbury Avenue

What: Various roles are available including the following: Making cakes, preparing snacks, helping set up the room, welcoming and registering children and their adults, interacting and building relationships with the adults, serving refreshments, leading the singing and telling short bible story, packing down the room.

When: Wednesday mornings – set up begins at 8.30am, sessions run 9.30-11.30am.

Where: Woodbury Avenue

Young Church

What: Welcoming and registering children, getting to know the parents. Engaging with the children, helping them to understand the teaching material provided and showing how it point the to the person and work of Jesus. Helping the children interact with the material in various different ways. For those with more experience or the desire to test teaching gifts there is the opportunity to help deliver the teaching material.

When: Sunday mornings, 9.15am and/or 11:15am services

Where: Woodbury Avenue

Home Learning Club

What: Welcoming and registering children and their adults. Helping children read, do their homework projects or research on the internet. Playing educational games. Building relationships with the adults and providing support where appropriate. Set up and pack down of the room.

When: Fridays, set up begins at 2.30pm, sessions run from 3.00pm to 4.30pm.

Where: Townsend Community Centre


What: Welcoming and registering children, getting to know the parents, engaging with the children, running games and activities, attending trips, serving refreshments, potentially delivering short epilogues.

When: Friday evenings at 6.30pm

Where: Currently running at Littledown Youth Centre, after Easter Hi5 will be running at Woodbury Avenue

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