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Answering the antagonists

February 11th, 2016 by Tom Davenport

tom staff smallHave you ever mentioned to someone that you’re a christian and had to fend off a barrage of abuse?

It’s not unusual to find that people with opposing views to christians are antagonistic towards what we believe. We asked Michael Ots how to best have a conversation with someone who responds like this. This is what he said:

“This can be hard – especially in western culture where it is not politically correct to disagree with someone. It’s much easier in some other cultures that have no such hang ups! The Bible commands us to speak the truth in love – we need to make sure we do both! Jesus was full of both grace and truth – so we need to speak truthfully but also graciously.”

My tips would be:

Listen well – do you understand what people think? Don’t assume you already know.

Ask questions – get them to think through their own beliefs – many people have not done so.

Find areas of agreement – tell them of the things you do agree on.

Show you understand why they believe what they do, even though you disagree. e.g. ‘It is understandable that we might assume the resurrection is ridiculous – things like that don’t happen everyday! But  have you ever looked at the evidence… when you do it’s not a stupid as you might think!’

Help them look into the evidence. Check out the Uncover materials for help with this.”

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