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Can You Help?

April 9th, 2019 by Laura Wood

Da and Ol are moving into a new home and are asking help with the following essential items:


Living Room:    Nothing more needed.

Dinning Room:   Dinning Table and 6 Chairs

Bed Rooms:     1 set of Curtains (for bedroom 1.6  mts square), 2 wardrobes for hanging clothes

2 desks and 2 chairs  (for Ashley and Stephen)

2 sets of single bedding and duvets, 1 set of double bedding and duvet.

Kitchen:            1 Fridge with freezer,

(there is a kitchen fitted small fridge without freezer for ice cream!)

1 toaster, 1 set of sauce pans, 2 oven baking trays or bowls,

big and small plates and bowls, spoons, knives and folks,

glasses and cups,

Cooking Utensils.


If you can help please contact the church office.

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