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Giving Sunday – 19 May 2019

April 22nd, 2019 by Laura Wood

Climb every mountain

Faced with the challenge of climbing a mountain, the answer to the question “why?”, is often, “because it’s there!”

Well, looking up at the 1.8 million pound mountain ahead of us as a Church, we are going to need a much more convincing answer than that!

So here are three reasons. The mountain is big but God is bigger.
As we move forward in faith to pray and give, we go to the Maker of the heavens and earth and say with Caleb “Give me this mountain”.

Reason two. The Lord is King not money. People often wrongly imagine that their idols are all powerful. As a result they live in fear. But the believer in God de- thrones the god of Mammon by storing up treasure in heaven.

Reason three. The good news of Jesus is the greatest treasure. A wonderful new building is not the goal for Lansdowne, but rather the gospel that will be heard from that place reaching the ends of the earth and the generations to come.

After years of research and prayer, the Church at the time decided to pull down and re build on the Lansdowne site. Who could have imagined then how that location would become as strategic as it is now in 2019? It was the right call and still is.

In 2013, several hundred individuals or couples, generously gave or pledged £2.3 million to start the project. Now is the moment for us to step up and by God’s grace, finish the project.

There are a number of ways to give of course. One off lump sums, Direct Debit or Standing order. If you are a tax payer, you can maximise your giving through Gift Aid. And if you haven’t considered remembering Lansdowne in your will via a Legacy, then that is something which a Member of the Finance Team would be very willing to talk to you about confidentially.

As we approach the Gift Day on the 19 May and our target of 1.8 million, we are praying that a large proportion of that will come in by upfront and immediately available donations. This will create the necessary cash flow to accelerate with confidence the completion of the Project.

But, however the Lord leads us a Church, let there be no giving by compulsion or comparison but only by grace. For God loves a cheerful giver.

Peter Baker  |  Senior Minister




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