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Gordon and Jane Showell-Rogers Update

June 1st, 2020 by Laura Wood

Jama (Somalia) is a young friend in prison simply because he fled war to seek a safer life. Languishing in Immigration Prison in Thailand, he tries to sleep on his side in a dormitory of 100 African men (it’s too crowded to lie on your back). He had been accepted by the UN and then by the Canadians as a legitimate refugee: amazing, given that only 1% of the world’s forcibly displaced ever get resettled in the West. But now all borders have been closed by Covid19, so there’s no guarantee he’ll ever get to Canada. Nobody knows when or if they’ll start to receive refugees again.

Pray for him. He is one of the millions around the world whose plight we’d love churches to understand. So we’ve spent a lot of time preparing materials for Churches, Sunday Schools and Youth Groups to use virtually on World Refugee Sunday (14th and/or 21st June). See https://www.refugeehighway.net/ and https://www.refugeehighway.net/resources-for-wrs.html

We’ve been Lansdowne people since our late teens. We met at Lansdowne, were married and had our children dedicated at Lansdowne and have been Mission Partners sent out by Lansdowne since early 1983.

We’re deeply grateful for Lansdowne’s long-term, faithful support. When we went to Austria with the IFES student movement in 1983 we had no idea what would follow: from 1988 we led Friends International (as the first UK National Director), from 1999 Gordon was General Secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance and then from 2010 Gordon spent 6 years as Associate Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance.

Meanwhile, Jane has reinvented herself multiple times, acquiring a great range of skills: from working with Gordon in different roles to volunteering as a Magistrate and on the Independent Monitoring Board for two local prisons and as a Board member of different missions, to personality-profiling and team-building, to adult education and event organising.

In the last 4 years, Gordon’s been a ‘Recognised Christian Worker’ through Stewardship https://www.stewardship.org.uk/ His focus is the same as it has been since 1983: helping people to catch a vision for what can be achieved

together and then developing strategies and structures to make that happen, for gospel and Kingdom purposes.

His focus in the last 4 years has been on the marginalised – refugees, the persecuted and the trafficked – and on children, youth and families. It’s been wonderful to see amazing answers to your prayers in all of these areas. Here are some other examples of Gordon’s areas of influence: https://onewestand.org/ https://www.worldwithoutorphans.org/partner

Levels of suffering during the current crisis are overwhelming. But churches are responding generously, sacrificially, and creatively to put food on the table for the millions who cannot work because of lockdowns and many are seeking God.

Meanwhile, whilst suffering in some families is unimaginable, some are growing stronger: we’re very encouraged by the take-up of https://family.fit/en/ in multiple languages.

Thank you so much for your support.

Gordon and Jane Showell-Rogers 13th May 2020

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