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Lansdowne Youth (school years 10-13)


We meet together to share our lives and look at the Bible.

Wednesdays 7:30 – 9:30pm
We meet in various homes each week (during term time) to catch up with each other and spend an hour studying the Bible. We want to learn what God says and how it is relevant to us today. It’s a chance for you to ask lots of questions and discuss your ideas in small groups and with leaders. We want to help you read the Bible, understand who God is and appreciate His plans for you.

If you are keen to get home to do some work or grab an early night, then we finish by 9pm. But if you can, stay around for a chat until 9:30pm.


Once a month, on a Friday or Saturday, we hold exciting events to get to know each other and bring our friends. We’re sure you’ll enjoy these times and feel confident to bring your friends as we have lots of fun together.


Book your place for the CYFA Weekend 11-13 October


Winter 2020 Programme


Wednesday evenings

Date       Location
4.3.2020 Smailes’
11.3.2020 Mckay’s
18.3.2020 King’s
25.3.2020 Smailes’
1.4.2020 Mckay’s


The socials :

Date             What                       Location
18.01.2020 Ice skating (7pm) Bournemouth
15.02.2020 Progressive supper (7pm) TBC
13.03.2020 Forest walk (7pm) TBC

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