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Nations Now

In 1974 the Lausanne Congress for world evangelisation launched. Billy Graham was its driving force. It is said that no other meetings – not since Acts 15 – has had as far-reaching and monumental an impact on world mission, as this Congress. The two key results of this gathering are the Lausanne Covenant (the Evangelical manifesto and statement of faith) and the emergence of “people group” thinking – an area previously unheard of or ignored. (According to Jason Mandryk author of ‘Operation World’)

Jesus has commanded us ‘…go and make disciples of all nations…’

Today there are still 6,800 people groups to be reached.  Yet only a small percentage of the churches’ resources in our day are targeted toward the un-reached nations, also referred to in scripture as families, tribes and tongues.


The paragraph above set out the most significant part of our focus for our first two meeting as the Mission Board at Lansdowne Church.  As members of the board:  Martyn Stainer, Tom Davenport, Anna Maslin, David Cook, Dave Astill and Mary Browse, we have read the Scriptures, prayed and worshipped together.
We look forward to others meeting with us in the future and particularly welcoming Mike Smailes.

We have taken the opportunity to consider again the great commission Matthew 28:16 -20 together with Mathew 24:14 ‘and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.’

Martyn Stainer helped us consider the implications of the apostle Paul’s words in Romans 15:20:  ‘It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation.’ It seemed to us that this ambition that Paul refers to is a key part of the way he sought to fulfil the imperative of the great commission and so should shape us, as a church, as we consider foundations for the future.

To that end we wish to ensure that every aspect of our mission locally is encouraged at the Local Mission Group. We also really appreciate the dedicated focus that the Mission Council provides with regard to our mission partners and associates and securing for us the input of excellent speakers so consistently.

We have so much more that we will be sharing, for now though we invite you to pray in the heartfelt way that Martyn Stainer led us recently:

Lord, I’m struggling with the sheer numbers and percentages
of unreached people groups
Please help us to understand what this means to us at Lansdowne Church.
How this will shape our hearts / our involvement / our mission?
What can we do to keep in step with You?


Why Care About Mission?





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Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation – Whether you are an intercessor praying behind the scenes for world change, a missionary reaping the benefits of intercession, or simply curious about the world, Operation World Resources will give you the information necessary to be a vital part in fulfilling God’s passion for the nations.

http://www.operationworld.org/    (Now available on the Woodbury avenue bookshelf)


Teaching on Mission

The Rapid Spread of the Gospel – 2 Thessalonians 2:13-3:5 James Poole – Wycliffe


Africa Prayer Resource:





Colin Mitchell



Lansdowne’s Mission Personnel:

Dennis and Sheila Eaton

Working with the church in Malawi.

Da, Ol and the G. family

In an Asian country, ministering to minority ethnic groups; Ol also advises on Christian primary education.

Gordon Showell-Rogers

Gordon is Global Director of ‘One We Stand’, a collaborative media initiative focused on persecution, freedom of religion and social justice. It aims to attract, educate and inspire change in a growing global audience through first-person stories of hope from places of persecution and suffering. It’s a very 21st century experimental initiative. Jane also serves with various mission agencies.

Sue Burt

Serving in International student work in the UK with Friends International, with particular focus on returnees.

Rosa Blandford

Church’s Ministry among Jewish People - Voluntary representative with specific deputation responsibilities

Antoine Thenin

Staff Worker with Friends International Dorset

Jane Edwards

BMS World Mission Working alongside the Mozambican Association of Christian Lawyers, helping to bring access to justice to the poor and marginalised in Mozambique.

An and Sa

Based in Lyon, France. They focus on North African peoples.

Mary Browse

International Worker

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