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Lansdowne Church Prayer Line

May 19th, 2020 by Doug McGinn

It is recognised that in this increasingly uncertain environment the need for the church family to support one another in prayer is as important now as it ever was.

Consequently, Lansdowne Church has set up a Prayer Line where request for prayer can be addressed.

If you have a particular need for prayer, then please contact the office and provide your contact details.

This can be by email (prayer@lansdownechurch.uk) or by phone (01202 297977) and a prayer volunteer will be in contact to pray with you as soon as possible.

We are encouraged to pray continually, and God works through the prayers of His people, therefore please be encouraged to use this opportunity to receive this important support.

It should be noted that this does not replace the support provided by your Small Group and we also would encourage you to be part of this important pastoral care network.
If you need any further information then please contact the church office.

Doug McGinn | Director of Operations

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