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Lessons from Lockdown

June 8th, 2020 by Peter Baker

It’s been said that history repeats itself because we don’t learn the lessons first time around! So if it’s true, that history teaches us that history teaches us nothing, then how can we avoid the same failure with the Coronavirus pandemic?

Well, in our new Sunday morning Sermon series, Lessons from Lockdown, we are going to attempt a review.

Not a political review. We’re not offering the wisdom of hindsight to the Government and how they might have handled the crisis better.

No. This is a spiritual review. We want to ask, what is it that God has been teaching us through these extraordinary times as people and as a Church? Not that we are through and out the other side of the tunnel of chaos yet.

The unlocking of lockdown is going to be a gradual journey back to normality. And even then I am not sure things will be normal for a long time to come.

But after three months and more of this strange social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing and video conferencing world, we are in a position to ask the question- what have we learned? What values and convictions of our faith have been reinforced?

What would we tell ourselves now that we wish we had known then? What did we know and believe then, that we have come to see even more now.

Join us across the weeks of June and July as we pause, reflect and reaffirm what it means to walk by faith in a lockdown world.

Peter Baker  |  Senior Minister

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