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Lansdowne Baptist Church was born in courage and risk-taking faith in 1873 by a small group of people from Boscombe who wanted to demonstrate the relevance of the good news about Jesus in the Lansdowne area.

That pioneering spirit still energises the church which currently has 500 people in regular attendance, multiple Sunday services, eight staff and a community programme which includes internationals, students, mercy ministries to the homeless and an ambitious £3 million building project to provide a 1000 seater auditorium, cafe, seminar rooms, a media suite and recreational space.

The church in Lansdowne has become a centre for training and sending people into Christian ministry. We do this through our Apprenticeship Programm, as well as through links with Moorlands College . Our active partnership with Friends International gives us great opportunities with internationals from all over the world.

Many things have changed over the past 137 years, but our commitment to the good news of Christ remains part of the DNA of Lansdowne Baptist Church.

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