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October Baptisms 2017

November 2nd, 2017 by Lansdowne Church

Last Sunday(29th October) at our evening service we baptised 5 people who wanted to publicly show they have decided to follow Jesus in the way that they live.

Here are their stories:


Tatiana’s life prior to knowing Jesus as Lord was a search of happiness in what the world could offer. She lived for herself and even when she achieved her goal in life, it still left her with an empty feeling inside.

In 2013 a year after moving to England from Portugal, Tatiana’s life took a turn for the worst. She was in a lonely country and close to leaving her husband, until two work colleagues invited her to Church. From the first time she attended, Jesus was at work in her life and she started to read the bible.

In September of 2013, Tatiana became a believer in Christ and since then her life has been turned around. Tatiana wanted to be baptised because she loves Jesus and wants to share to everyone all he has done for her.



David was raised in a Catholic background and forced to attend Church from a young age like the generations before him. Though this does not make you a true believer; from a young age David knew there was a God and felt his presence, however, there wasn’t a relationship with Jesus.

It wasn’t until during the time of the recession a few years ago and the comforts of life came crashing down and David had to find any job he could to be able to provide for his young family. Family and marriage life was very difficult at this time. During the storms of his life he attended a Church here in the UK and studied the bible to find out he needed a personal relationship with Jesus.

David had many questions about Christianity such as why people suffer, but David learnt that through suffering it helps us to be dependent on God and helps our character mature.

Baptism for David was a huge step of courage and no matter the cost of proclaiming Christ he prays God will strengthen him no matter the consequences.


Yan arrived in the Bournemouth as an international student from China studying in Bournemouth. In June this year during an English Language course Yan met two girls who were volunteers for the beach mission in town and asked her if she was willing to come along to an event in the evening.

That evening Yan and the two girls shared their stories with each other. Yan shared how back in China, she didn’t know what to make of life. One of the girls shared their Christian belief and some scripture from the book of John, which answered some of the questions she had raised back in China.

During that conversation the spirit was at work in her and she was born again that evening. She described it as someone who was walking along in the dark and struggling to find their way in life. Then the light came on and she could see clearly what life was about. Yan now has a relationship with God and trusts in him for her life and where he will be taking her. Yan was baptised to make a public declaration of her faith in Jesus.


Charlotte was born into a Christian family and grew up at Lansdowne. Her family didn’t force her to believe in anything, but shared their faith and studied the bible with her.

Charlotte was taught that no matter what you believe in, it requires faith, whether a Christian or an atheist who believes the universe happened by chance.

Having a faith for Charlotte was a gradual process, however, during a Christian camp when she was younger, she knew she needed to make a commitment to Christ which she did.

Charlotte knows that there is sufficient evidence for the historicity of Jesus’s death and resurrection and that today he offers forgiveness and peace to those who believe. She wanted to be baptised as an expression of her faith in Jesus and commitment to him.


Victoria grew up in a Christian home and doesn’t remember the exact time she became a Christian.

Victoria has always asked questions about theology and ethics and at one occasion during an Alpha Course she particularly enjoyed the evidences that were shown for the historicity of bible and life and work of Christ.

Convinced of what the bible says, Victoria knew that Jesus gave his life to her so that she could be made right and forgiven by God.

She believes it is only a life in Christ that has any true meaning and because Jesus loves me and died for me, I will be with him one day.

Victoria wanted to be baptised as a public declaration of her faith to her believing and unbelieving friends as a testimony of who Jesus is and what he has done for her.

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