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Open The Bible

March 26th, 2020 by Laura Wood

During this uncertain time, the world as we know it is being shaken. As Christians, Jesus gives us our sure and certain hope.

But for many of those we know, this is an alien concept. Most will have never taken the time to understand how we find our hope in God. The beauty of this uncertain, unprecedented period in our history is that many people are both questioning the world and have lots of free time.

This is an amazing opportunity for us to share the hope we have. And what better way to do this, than to be opening the Bible with our friends.


Open Introduction from Unlocking the Bible on Vimeo.


Many people know some stories from the Bible, but have no idea how it all fits together. Open the Bible is a fantastic resource which guides you through the Bible story in short, manageable chunks.

Each session gives a part of the Bible to read, a short teaching video to listen to and discussion questions to answer. This could be the perfect tool for you to walk through the Bible  with your friends online or over the phone during this time whilst we’re not able to meet face to face. Why not simply copy and paste this link (www.openthebible.org) into a message or email to a friend and ask if they fancy doing this with you?

Work through it at a pace that works for you and your friends – you could do one a week or one a day, it really doesn’t matter, but don’t waste this amazing opportunity God has given us!

If you’ve got questions about doing this, or you and your friends get stuck on tricky questions you’re not sure how to answer, feel free to get in touch with me on tom.davenport@lansdownechurch.uk – I can’t promise to have all the answers, but I can promise to try!

Once you get going with a friend we’d love to know about it so we as a staff and a church can be praying for you, please do let one of us know.


Other Resources

There are many other great resources online to help you during this time. Here are some other suggestions:

The Alpha Course is available on YouTube:


The Uncover website has a range of resources, including questions people often ask and studies through the books of Mark, Luke and John.

Christianity Explored have made their course videos available on YouTube until 30th April,


Tom Davenport  |  Community Worker

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