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Open The Bible

April 27th, 2020 by Tom Davenport

During this uncertain time, the world as we know it is being shaken. As Christians, we believe that Jesus gives us our sure and certain hope. This might sound alien to you?


The Bible helps make sense of our hope and security. The whole Bible points us to Jesus to give us this hope, but we know it can be confusing and hard to understand. We’d love you to join us to find out more about it. We are using a resource called openthebible.org to help us discover the whole story of the Bible.


Would you like to join us in our Open The Bible sessions on Zoom?
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Tuesday at 8:00pm on 14 July

Thursday at 10:00am on 16 July


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During these sessions one of our team will speak for 10mins about a short section of the Bible and we will go into smaller groups of around 6 people to discuss some questions. You don’t need to come with any understanding or background, and no question is a silly question! We can all learn together and help each other!


Tom Davenport  |  Community Worker

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