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Pay it Forward

March 12th, 2020 by Laura Wood


Pay it Forward

Westbourne is arguably the Coffee Shop capital of Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole! One of my favourites is Le Petite Prince. They serve the most delicious breads and pastries. A few weeks ago a notice appeared in the shop window headed, Pay it Forward.

Customers are being encouraged to pay for two coffees. One for themselves and another for someone else.

That spirit is at work among us as a Church family week by week. But especially in our most recent Interest Free approach to the funding shortfall of the Regeneration Building Project.

At the recent Members’ Meeting we agreed the Resolution to appoint Parsons and Joyce as the main contractor to complete the construction work of a new Church building at Lansdowne Road, when the funds are available.

So right now people are considering if they might be in a position to lend the Church an amount of money over seven years, so that we will not need a commercial loan from CAF Bank.

The Lord appears to be at work in a new way among us. The encouraging and most up to date news is that we now have indications of loans to the value of £600,000. But we are looking to the Lord for even more over the next few weeks. And if you are one of those able to provide in this way, use the forms available and return them to the Church either on a Sunday or by post to the Office.

This self – funding “Bank of Lansdowne” alternative, in which God’s people are giving God’s money to God’s cause, could ultimately mean that we are able to cover the build AND even the cost of the fit out!

But the Interest Free Loan path is only possible because we don’t just have Lansdowne Lenders but also Lansdowne Pledgers and Givers- people who have given lump sums as well as those who have pledged to give on a monthly basis over several years.

In other words, we are a group of people who are each in different seasons of life but together we are promising to pay it forward.

I want to thank those of you who are already somewhere in the mix of all this- either pledger, giver or lender. It’s been brilliant to see the way the Bank of Heaven has provided £3.2 millions to this point through you.

But I want to appeal to those who have not yet become financially committed. Will you consider prayerfully whether you might respond? At this exciting new stage, one hundred new pledgers giving, for example, £20 a month, would really make such a difference in our capacity to fund the rest of the entire Project through this combination of Interest Free and monthly commitments.

For some, that sort of regular giving may be beyond them. But for others it may be possible to pledge more. We are each in different circumstances and seasons.

We want to engage with every member and friend of Lansdowne in this great task. As a Leadership we are conscious of the need to reach out to and bring in the generations in our Church family with children and families, those starting out on their professional working lives.

But whoever you are and whatever your situation, please don’t give because you feel you have to.  Give because you want to and because you believe in what this building project is about – the cause of Mission for the generations to come. Pay it forward!

Peter Baker  |  Senior Minister


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