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READ260 – June

June 1st, 2013 by Luke Wakeford

READ260-Landing- June

June DetailsSo we’re six months into READ260. How are you doing? We’ve explored the life of Jesus from the perspectives of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and this month we’ll come to the end of Acts, the story of the church’s birth. If you’ve managed to stick with us (and even if you’ve missed a few chapters) you must’ve noticed something in Jesus; he’s profound, compassionate, bold, uncompromising, revolutionary, captivating; he’s not what you’d expect. You can’t miss it; he’s God’s plan for salvation.

As we move on from the Gospels and Acts don’t think that the focus is going to shift from Jesus. The next part of the Bible is made up of letters written to churches and individuals. As they engage with the pressures of family life, work and citizenship, leading churches and making sense of doctrine, the authors of these letters are constantly drawing their readers back to Jesus, the one who makes sense of it all.


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