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Season Of Prayer

January 26th, 2018 by Lansdowne Church

Anyone who attended the Church Forum at the end of 2017 will know that this year has the potential to be a very significant season for Lansdowne. We face a number of important questions that are yet to be answered.

How can we most effectively reach our local area?

How can we connect more with the BH1 community during this period?

What is God trying to teach us through the holdups to the building project?

How should we develop our staff team this year?

As well as these, we are called to keep growing as followers of Jesus, both individually and corporately.

We remember our commission to make disciples of every nation. But where do we begin? During Lent 2018, we’re going to be stripping things back, turning the volume down, and giving ourselves the space to listen to God. This will mean that many of our regular groups and activities will pause during this season, so we can gather each week to pray as a church.

Even if you don’t regularly manage to attend our monthly prayer gatherings, we hope you’ll be able to prioritise this season, as we bring our questions to God. Our motto text for 2018 says, “Today, if
you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.” Our prayer is that we’d be a church that is prepared to listen to God and ready to follow where he leads.

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