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St Augustin’s Jelly Tots End of Term Picnic

July 17th, 2019 by Laura Wood

As many of you will be aware, when the old Lansdowne building was demolished in the summer of 2015 some of the activities that ran from the old building needed to relocate nearer to the town centre rather than reopen at Woodbury Avenue.  As well as In Touch (mission that helps the homeless and those in need) our Jelly Tots stay and play activity also moved into St Augustin’s church hall where we have now met for the last four years.  This is July is a small milestone as all the little ones born as the old building closed are soon off to ‘big school’ having spent their preschool Jelly Tots experience at St. A’s!

On Thursday, 11 July, our end of term “event” moved from the church hall where we usually meet out into the garden. The garden at the church was recently rejuvenated as part of the St Augustin’s Church 100 year anniversary. We used the opportunity to add some new activities to our repertoire and the garden made a splendid place for the morning. From the pictures you can see we had sand and water play, along with “water-pearls”.  This was a new sensory activity suggested and provided by one of the mums.  It proved to be very popular with carers and children alike.

Our usual snack time was replaced by a bring-and-share picnic.  About a half of the parents and carers who join us on a Thursday are from outside the UK, although some have lived in Bournemouth for many years.  Share-together picnics and parties are always an occasion where we can sample food from their homeland.  This year we were treated to small flat breads filled with cheese, known as Arepa, from Venezuela.


Angelina Linden then led us in singing using parachutes, which was greatly enjoyed.  The morning ended with each child leaving us for Big School being given a children’s bible.  Nine of the children will be starting in reception in September, four from church families and five from non-church families.


It was a great morning with lots of very positive comments being made to the team about how much of a help and support Jelly Tots has been to them as part of their weekly activities.  Lansdowne is blessed with a great team of people who give their time to get alongside and encourage these young families.

Jan Stevens  |  Jelly Tots Ministry Leader

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