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Supporting our new community

November 10th, 2016 by Tom Davenport

As a church, we’ve had a base in the Strouden Park area of Bournemouth for over 12 months now. Since arriving in the area we’ve been doing our best to get to know the people and the place and we’ve been really warmly welcomed. It’s safe to say we love being here!

As we’ve got to know people and organisations , we’ve sought to work out how we can best support the people who live in the immediate community and demonstrate to them the sacrificial love that Jesus has for them.

We’re looking to start a Community Café in the new year with the aim of doing a two main things…

  • Give people a place to meet with others and develop positive lasting relationships
  • Provide support to people who need it

In the immediate area surro16460349388_b838b2ce45_kunding our Woodbury Avenue site there are very few places to go and meet other people without either having to pay or be part of an organised group. There are many people living within a stones throw of the church who, for a wide range of reasons, don’t get to spend quality time with other people on a regular basis. We believe that as humans we are made to be in positive relationship with other people, so we want to provide an opportunity for people to do this.

There are also many physical needs in the locality, be that people in debt, struggling to find work or circumstances meaning crisis. The café will provide opportunities for people to get the support they need, tailored to them where possible by people who care. Working with partners like Bournemouth Foodbank, Faithworks Wessex and Christians Against Poverty, we would love to provide a range of services that mean people can come to us and get help.

We also recognise that people in our local community are in spiritual need and are asking questions about our faith. We want to give the opportunity for them to explore these questions and understand who Jesus is for themselves. To help with this we’ll be running alpha alongside the café too.


The plan is to run the Café on a Thursday morning between 10.00am to 12.00pm in the hall at Woodbury Avenue.

Volunteers will be needed to support all areas of its running, including serving drinks + cake, chatting with people, providing basic money management support, helping people with employment skills and giving out food parcels.

Our partner organisations will be providing training for the team in various areas, so no experience in this kind of thing is necessary, just a desire to get to know people and help them!

If you’re interested in finding out more we’re holding an information lunch on Thursday 17th November between 12 and 1pm, it would be great to see you there. Alternatively you can get in touch with Tom at tom.davenport@lansdownechurch.uk for more info.

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