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Covid 19 – Church Survey Results July 2020

July 23rd, 2020 by Doug McGinn

Covid 19 – Church Survey Results July 2020

1. Introduction

Following the relaxation of the Lockdown Restrictions a survey was conducted primarily to understand better the appetite to gather centrally at Woodbury Avenue, given the existing perceived risks with COVID-19.


2. Results

There were a total of 229 responses, a number being joint responses, which meant that over 250 people took part.

A summary is contained in Appendix A.

It is clear from this that a number are still concerned about gathering together until the risks from COVID-19 are better understood and a less restricted service is possible. A number were also concerned regarding wearing face masks and not being able to sing or meet after the service.

However, there were around 50 respondents who were willing to meet.

I would like to thank the 30 volunteers who are willing to serve during this time and those that are willing to help manage the church when we open.

There were over 100, willing to meet in Small Groups/Ministries either indoor or outdoor. This is an important factor as we consider the way forward.

There were a number of comments on what was missed and a summary is shown below;

· Group singing & Worship

· Talking and supporting one another

· Being with the whole church family

· Missing the encouragement of not being together

· Lack of community

We should be very conscious that this a difficult time for many and that it is important that we do gather when possible.


3. The Way Forward

It is clear that it will be sometime before regular Sunday Services will resume but it is recognised that there are a number who are keen to gather as soon as is practical. Taking into account the latest Government advice, the following events are being considered;

· During August the main events will remain on-line.

· Small Groups and Ministries will be encouraged to consider how they can meet at either Woodbury Avenue or in a limited manner in homes
(two households inside or six people in an open space).

· Households will be encouraged to look out for those on their own and have no access to the internet to join them to watch the Services.

· The first planned church gathering will be part of Prayer Emphasis Week (PEW) in early September where those who are able will be encouraged to meet at Woodbury Avenue to pray.
More details of this event will be issued shortly.

· It is intended that the first Gathered Sunday Service will be held at the end of September/early October.

· There will be a further survey held in October/November to understand the changing perception of the COVID-19 crisis.

A further update will be provided in September edition of LIFE


Survey Results

Appendix A

229 responses (some joint)
Numbers in brackets indicates number of people





Doug McGinn  |  Director of Operations

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