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Andrew Dias Russell Trip Update

February 6th, 2018 by Lansdowne Church

03rd January 2018 – 10th January 2018: Went to France and stayed with K & L working at RSB.

We prepared a video clip with the videos and photos from Burkina Faso and uploaded it to youtube (available here). May the Lord use it and provide the resources for the school for the blind. It is ready to send and see what the Lord does. Apart from that, on the 7th of January 2018, Sunday, I spoke at 2 churches. The morning service was in French at Ahmid’s church.

I spoke on Examine yourselves, God is not mocked (1 Corinthians 13:5, Galatians 6:7, Hebrews 9:27, Matthew 7:21 and Revelation 20:11-15). It was an evangelistic message mixed in with my testimony. At the end of the service, we had lunch at the church.

The pastor came to me saying that a Catholic lady who had recently started going to church left before the meal but told him “I now understand”. But we don’t just want her to “understand” the Gospel, but be saved so pray for Patricia. The evening service was in English.

Having listened to the MP3s of both services, I can tell I am much more comfortable in English rather than French. For one thing, I tend to memorise verses in either English or Spanish so that shows in the French recording. However, I hope the message, which was quite similar in English, will be clearly understood and that the Lord will use it.

The messages will be uploaded to youtube too alongside other material in Spanish from the recordings at Radio Cadena de Vida back in June of last year. At the end of that evening service, I spoke to a couple from Syria who recently fled to France as refugees having lost their 11 year-old daughter in a bomb strike.

I was able to have a brief Bible study with them about what happens to children that die, something I have studied to understand where my twin brother Esteban is, since he died the day after we were born. The Lord used it. They wanted to talk more but the day we had to and see them, they had the flu so it was not possible to tackle the matter of forgiveness.

Mother was present when her daughter died and I wished to talk to them about how I forgave the surgeon that called me a hypocondriac a couple of hours before I entered the coma that left me blind but it is not possible this time round.

I hope to say in touch with them. Lastly, we worked on the “In the Dark Challenge” DVD plus produced more Jesus film DVDs and obtained more Magdalena VDVs… Other interesting things that have happened: K told me about the Gospel Recordings CDs and books that are distributed by the name of “Le Christ Vivant”, and, in passing, said that he had to through a whole box of the CDs away since the books were going to be used in German and not French.

The books are just pictures that illustrate what the CDs are speaking about while you listen to them so I stopped him in his tracks and explained that blind people do not care about images and that those CDs can be used in Burkina with the blind people. 3 boxes will be sent from Marseille to Burkina Faso as a result of that little mistake. Something else, Kees and Loeke have a 90 year-old neighbour who is Catholic.

We went to visit her and I had a good opportunity to present the Gospel. She insisted however on the fact that she had always avoided sin and so on. That night, I could not sleep and I kept thinking about the parable Jesus told about the Pharisee and the tax collector at the Temple in Luke 18.

I was praying and I asked the Lord that if He wished me to do something else, for that neighbour to come to me since I could not go to her. When we returned from church, we opened the lift’s door and fancy that, that neighbour was there. We invited her in and I was able to finish the conversation and answer some more questions she had about the Bible. Her name is Monique. Pray for her.

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