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Walking With God

May 28th, 2019 by Laura Wood

If you could take a walk with a new friend, what would you find out about them? If you spent a summer together, walking and talking, learning and listening, what would you find out?


You’d find out who they were, where they had come from and what they were like. You’d find out what the liked and didn’t like. You’d find out who their friends were and who they didn’t get on with. You would find out what their priorities were and what it would mean to be their friend.


This would be an enlightening summer getting to know someone new, imagine you could do this with God!


On Sunday evening’s we’re going to be walking through the book of Luke together and finding that we can do exactly this. As we spend the summer delving into the life of Jesus together, one step at a time, we’ll find out all kinds of detail about God that the world thinks it is impossible to know.


Dr Luke investigated the life of Jesus from people who had walked with him themselves. He writes his book so that after walking with Him we are certain that we can believe what we have been taught about Jesus.


So, walk with us through the life of Jesus and see what you discover as we Walk with God.


Tom Davenport  |  Community Worker

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