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April 29th, 2020 by Peter Baker

What would Jesus do? …. was a popular phrase among Christians a decade or more ago .  Wristbands carried the slogan and a whole generation of disciples  began to think about what following Jesus might actually look like on the ground. It was a bit of merchandise which replaced the symbol of the fish, placed on the back bumper of a car, as a primary means to identify the wearer as a committed Christian.

So we’re going to explore that question, WWJD,  again in our new sermon series, Pressure Points.

Episodes from the life of Jesus , recorded in the gospel, give us an extraordinary insight into the way that Christ managed the various pressures he was constantly under.

In today’s world of Coronavirus Pandemic, faced as we are by one of the most extraordinary times of personal and societal pressure, what does it mean to be a disciple of Christ? How can live with a sense of purpose and peace in a lockdown world of isolation,  wide scale suffering and escalating panic.

There has never been a more significant time in history for Christians to live out their distinctive calling. The world needs disciples of Jesus who know what Jesus would do and do it !

Peter Baker  |  Senior Minister

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